Start on Any Character (<starton> parameter)

Syntax:<packets ... [starton="any|char"]/>
Default value (if omitted):"any"
Relevance conditions:---
See also:Start On Any Character (SA) setting

Starton (start on character) parameter defines what will constitute the beginning of the data block:

"any" (default)First character received from the application past the end of the previous data block will open a new data block. This option is very suitable both for unformatted and formatted data.
"char"Only a specific character (defined by the start character parameter will open a new data block). All characters received from the application between the end of the previous data block and the start character will be ignored and not recorded into the VSP's TX buffer. This option is suitable for formatted data only. 

This option works like the Start On Any Character (SA) setting of the DS.