Gateway IP-address (GI) setting


(see Setting description format info here)

Function:Defines the IP-address of the default gateway
Set (S) command, where is the IP-address of the default gateway in dot-decimal notation (i.e.
Get (G) command format:GGI
Init (I) command effect:Initialized unconditionally, through network command, serial command, or quick initialization
Post-initialization value: (changed from in V3.30/3.62)
Change takes effect:After reboot
Overriding condition:May be automatically updated by the gateway IP-address provided by the DHCP server (in case DHCP (DH) setting is 1 (enabled))
Relevance conditions:Current Routing Mode (RM) [setting/ parameter]= 1 (server/client) or 2 (client)

        AND [V3.54+]PPPoE Mode (PP) setting = 0 (disabled)

First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51
See also:Ethernet port and network communications


Gateway IP-address defines the IP-address of default gateway through which the DS will (attempt to) establish a connection to the destination network host at current Destination IP-address (DI) [setting / parameter / instruction ] in case this host is not on the same subnet with the DS.

Whether or not the destination network host is on the local subnet is determined by comparing the IP-address (IP) setting , current Destination IP-address (DI) , **** and the Netmask (NM) setting (see this setting's description for details).

Gateway IP-address is irrelevant when the current Routing Mode (RM) [setting / parameter ] is 0 (server) since in this mode outgoing connections are not allowed. [V3.54+] This setting is also irrelevant when PPPoE is used i.e. PPPoE Mode (PP) setting is 1 (on connection) or 2 (on powerup). This is because with PPPoE all communications with remote hosts go through PPPoE link (Access Concentrator), not default gateway.

When DHCP is activated (DHCP (DH) setting is 1(enabled)) the Gateway IP-address obtained from the DHCP server is saved into this setting thus overwriting older value that might have been set before. This only happens when the DHCP server is configured to provide gateway IP-address data.