Specifications and DS100 modifications

There are two models of the DS100: the DS100R with RS232 serial interface and the DS100B with RS232/RS422/RS485 serial interface.

There are five different DS100R sub-models in circulation: DS100R-00, DS100R-01, DS100R-02, DS100R-03, and DS100R-04. Currently, only the DS100R-04 is being manufactured so the information on DS100R-00...DS100R-03 is provided for your reference only.

The DS100R-00, DS100R-01, and DS100R-02 devices were basically the same, with only minor changes made to the internal hardware (such as bypass capacitors on the internal PCB, etc.). We will refer to all three modifications as DS100R-02.

The DS100R-03 had extended functionality compared to the DS100R-02. There are two notable differences:

Memory size inside the device has been increased so the routing buffers of the DS100R-03 are double the size of the buffers inside the DS100R-02 (510 bytes in each direction vs. 255 bytes in each direction).
Ability to upgrade the application firmware through the network was added (this is facilitated by the NetLoader firmware) to the DS100R-03. The DS100R-02 cannot run the NetLoader and cannot be upgraded through the network.

The DS100R-04 is a RoHS-compliant version of the DS100R-03. The DS100R-04 and DS100R-03 are identical in every other way.

There are two DS100B sub-models in circulation: the DS100B-00 and the DS100B-01. The DS100B-01 is a RoHS-compliant version of the DS100B-00. The DS100B-01 and DS100B-00 are identical in every other way. On the functional side, both the DS100B-00 and the DS100B-01 had larger memory buffers and the possibility of firmware upgrades over the network from the very beginning of their production.

Device specifications are presented in the table below.




Ethernet interface

10BaseT Ethernet

Serial interface and I/O lines



RS422 (TX+/-,RX+/-,RTS+/-,CTS+/-)

RS485 (half-duplex, TX+/-,RX+/-)

Routing buffers size

510 bytes x 2 (255 bytes x 2)

Power requirements

DC 12V, app. 100mA

Operating temperature

-5 to +70 degrees C

Operating relative humidity


Mechanical dimensions


Carton dimensions ("bare" DS100)


Gross weight ("bare" DS100)


Carton dimensions (DS100-KIT)


Gross weight (DS100-KIT)


Note: all specifications are for reference only. TIBBO assumes no responsibility for any errors which may appear in this Manual, and does not make any commitment to update the information contained herein.