NetLoader (For Network Firmware Upgrades, V1.10)

The NetLoader is a separate firmware component that facilitated application firmware upgrades over the network in the following devices: EM100-03, DS100R-03, DS100B-00. Without the NetLoader the only way to upgrade the application firmware of these devices would be through the serial port. Serial upgrades are made possible by the Monitor , which is a "fixed" component that is always present.

The NetLoader is not used in newer EM120, EM200, EM203(A), DS203 device(s). The firmware of these devices has the ability to self-upgrade itself, so NetLoader is not required.

From the Monitor's point of view the NetLoader is just another application firmware. Therefore, the NetLoader can be loaded into the DS through the serial port of the DS. The NetLoader is written in such a way that it can coexist with an actual application firmware so both can be present in the FLASH memory of the DS at the same time.

To facilitate smooth interaction between the application firmware and the NetLoader the following provisions are made:

The application firmware can verify the presence of the NetLoader and "jump" (pass control) to the NetLoader when needed. This way the application firmware can start its "self-upgrade".
The NetLoader can receive new firmware file from the network host over the network, save this file into the FLASH memory of the DS, verify the presence of and a validity of the application firmware and "jump" (pass control) to this firmware.

To the User the above looks like a fully automatic self-upgrade of the application firmware.