Unable to Send a Broadcast


Message text:Unable to send an auto-discovery broadcast because a local port from which this broadcast packet is supposed to be sent is currently in use by another program


After you have selected a particular DS in the Connection Wizard the latter attempts to detect whether this DS is local or remote. This is done by sending an Echo (X) command as UDP broadcast. Only locally attached Device Servers will receive the broadcast, as broadcast packets cannot pass through the routers. Therefore, if the DS you have selected replies to the broadcast then this DS is local, otherwise it is remote.

This message means that the Wizard is unable to send the broadcast because local port from which the broadcast is supposed to be sent is currently opened by some other program.

This situation is extremely rare. If you encounter it please contact Tibbo for instructions on how to change the port from which the Wizard is sending the broadcasts! By default, the port number used for the purpose is 65534.