Firmware Manuals

This part of the documentation describes all firmware components related to Tibbo Device Servers.

Three firmware components are currently available:

Monitor is a "fixed" firmware that is responsible for starting the application firmware and firmware upgrades through the serial port of the Device Server.
Device Server Application Firmware (currently in its V3.0x/3.5x) is what gives Tibbo Device Servers their functionality. The firmware can be uploaded into the Device Server through its serial port or through the network.
NetLoader is a firmware component that facilitates application firmware upgrades through the network in the following devices: EM100-03, DS100R-03, DS100B-00. Like the application firmware itself, the NetLoader can be uploaded into the Device Server through the serial port (but not through the network- the NetLoader cannot network-upgrade itself!).

All EM100-03, DS100R-03, DS100B-00 devices come from the factory with the NetLoader already installed. Certain earlier devices- EM100-00/ -01/ -02, DS100-00/ -01/ -02- cannot be upgraded through the network at all. All other devices have "self-upgrading" firmware that doesn't require the NetLoader.