Sending a Command (Command Format)

Now is the time to really get down to business. How do you actually send a command? Well, there are two major things you have to know:

Basic Command Format

The basic format for a command is:




<STX> means "Start of Text". This character sometimes looks like a small smiley. To create it, press CTRL+B on your keyboard.
<CR> means "Carriage Return" -- or, simply put, this is what the Enter key on your keyboard usually does. The create it, just hit Enter after typing the command.

Logging In


Sometimes you have to be logged in to the Device Server in order to send the command. This is done by first making sure the Device Server is listening (i.e, is in a programming mode, like the ones described below) and then sending the Login (L) command command as the first one.

To know when exactly you have to be logged on (for what commands), see the L column of this table.

Logging Out


Programming methods which require you to log in will also require you to log out . This is done using the Logout (O) command as the last command in your programming session.