On-the-fly (Network-Side) Parameters & Instructions

On-the-fly (network-side) parameters and instructions are delivered to the DS via the networkParameter (P) command and are used to change communications mode of the serial port of the DS without rebooting (i.e. "on-the-fly") and also set and sense the state of the I/O lines of the DS. For more information see serial port and serial communications .

The following parameters and instructions belong to this group:

Parameter/ instruction


Flow Control (FC) parameter

Overrides Flow Control (FC) setting

Baudrate (BR) parameter

Overrides Baudrate (BR) setting

Parity (PR) parameter

Overrides Parity (PR) setting

Bits Per Byte (BB) parameter

Overrides Bits Per Byte (BB) setting

Notification Bitmask (NB) parameter

Overrides Notification Bitmask (NB) setting

Get I/O Pin Status (Gx) instruction

Reads the status of a certain I/O line of the DS

Set I/O Pin Status (Sx) instruction

Sets the status of a certain I/O line of the DS