Get My IP (T) command


(see command description format info here )

Function:Returns the IP address of the sender of this command
Can be issued through:Network (broadcasts OK, login not required)
Command format:+
Possible replies:Addd.ddd.ddd.ddd, where ddd.ddd.ddd.ddd is the IP address of the sender of this command
First introduced:V3.32/3.63
See also:---


Get My IP command is used to determine under which IP address the DS sees the sender of the command. This is not necessarily the same as the actual IP address of the sender (for example, there might be a router between the DS and the PC). The IP address returned by the command can then be used, for instance, to set the Destination IP address (DI) of the DS.

Note that the fact that the PC (or another command sender) can "reach" the DS does not automatically mean that the DS can "reach" (connect to) the PC. Network setups are not always symmetrical!

You can remember this command's mnemonic as the first character of " T ell me who I am".