Invalid IP-address


Message text:You cannot select this Device Server because its IP-address is unreachable


This message is displayed when the Connection Wizard has determined that local DS of your choice cannot be communicated with using normal IP-addressing.

As explained in broadcast access , a local Device Server can be accessed for programming even if its IP-address is not configured properly. Therefore, the Connection Wizard itself would be able to access and program any local Device Server, even if the IP-address of this DS is unreachable. Data communications with the DS, however, require the IP-address to be reachable. For example, the VSP won't be able to connect to the DS with a "wrong" IP-address. This is why the Wizard demands that you assign a proper IP-address to the DS before continuing with the connection job.  

There are several reasons why the IP-address of the Device Server may (appear to) be unreachable. See troubleshooting (auto-discovery mode) for more information.