MAC-->IP Mapping Advised


Message text:It is recommended to use the MAC --> IP mapping option because this Device Server is running with DHCP enabled and its IP-address can change in the future. Do you still wish to reference this DS by its IP-address?


MAC-->IP mapping option was created as a means to avoid communication problems with Device Servers that run with DHCP (DH) setting programmed to 1 (enabled). The IP-address of such Device Servers is configured by the DHCP server and there is no guarantee that this IP-address won't change in the future. When this happens the VSP won't be able to communicate with the DS since the target IP-address specified for this VSP will no longer belong to this DS.

The solution is to reference the DS by its MAC-address, which is done by enabling the MAC-->IP mapping option. More on the subject can be found here: additional info on accessing the DS .

If you choose to not enable the mapping the data connection will work, but only until the DHCP server assigns a different IP-address to the DS.