Invalid Firmware Uploaded


Message text:After firmware upload and reboot the Device Server has still entered the firmware upgrade mode. This means that you have downloaded an invalid file or that the upload was incomplete
May appear in:Auto-discovery and  address bookaccess modes; Upgrade function


When the DS powers up its internal "operating system" verifies if the application firmware is loaded and correct (this is done by verifying the checksum). If the firmware is found to be corrupted the operating system checks if the NetLoader is present. When this is so, control is passed to the NetLoader so you have a chance to upload correct application firmware.

When this message is displayed this means that the firmware upload process has completed successfully and the DS was rebooted with the intention to launch the newly loaded application firmware but has emerged from reboot in the firmware upgrade mode again.

If you are sure that the firmware upgrade has completed successfully then you must have uploaded a wrong file. Firmware download page at <%WEB%> provides complete info on what file to choose.

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