Destination Data Port (<port> parameter)

Syntax:<destination ... port="port"/>
Default value (if omitted):"1001"
Relevance conditions:rmode= "client" or "server/client"
See also:Port Number (PN) setting (DS), single-destination mode (VSP for Windows)        

Port (Destination data port) parameter specifies the port number on the DS to which the VSP will try to connect when establishing outgoing connections. If omitted, this parameter defaults to port 1001.

For the connection to work, the port number specified by this parameter must match the one defined by the Port Number (PN) setting of the DS.

This parameter is irrelevant when the routing mode is "server" because in this mode the VSP never establishes outgoing connections.

Port option works like the port parameter of the VSP for Windows (see single-destination mode ).