Quick Initialization

Quick initialization is a way to completely reinitialize the DS without using any commands. This feature is handy when the DS is running in the error mode and needs to be repaired.

Quick initialization provides the same result as the serialInitialize (I) command . See individual setting description for the information on how each settings will behave during the initialization (some settings will be initialized unconditionally and some- only when found to be invalid).

To quick-initialize the DS:

Make sure the DS is powered;
Press and release the Setup button* to enter the serial programming mode. Status LEDs will play the serial programming mode pattern;
Wait for at least three seconds;
Press and hold the Setup button for at least three seconds- both status LEDs will be switched off and this will indicate that the initialization has been started;
Initialization takes about one second to complete. Initialization result will be shown by the status LEDs- green LED will be switched on for about 2 seconds indicating successful initialization. (If the red LED is switched on this means that the DS is malfunctioning).
Switch the DS off and back on again to exit the error mode if necessary.

* For EM100, EM120, EM200, EM203(A) pull the MD line low