Initializing the DS (Initialize Button)

Internal settings of the DS can be initialized. Initialization restores all settings to their default values*. This function can be used to return the DS to the "known setup" and/or "repair" the DS when one or more settings are found to be invalid (i.e. the DS is in the error mode ). This function is available in all access modes with the following limitation:

When you are working in the address book mode the DS Manager won't let you initialize the DS for which inband access method is set. This is because initialization would have disabled inband access** and this would have made further interactions with this DS impossible. If you need to initialize such a DS then connect it temporarily to the same network segment as your PC (and use auto-discovery mode)  or to the COM port of your PC (and use COM access mode), and then perform initialization.

To initialize the settings of the DS select (single-click) the DS you want to upgrade in the device list (or COM port to which the DS is connected in the COM access mode ) and click Initialize button .

Initialization results differ depending on the access mode. Some settings are always initialized when the initialization command is issued through the serial port (COM access mode ) but are only initialized if were invalid when the initialization command is issued through the network (auto-discovery and address book access modes). Some settings are never initialized (no matter what the access mode is) unless found to be invalid.

Example: the IP-address (IP) setting is only affected by the initialization if the DS is accessed through the serial port. When you initialize the DS through the network this setting won't be initialized unless it was invalid. This is done to make sure that the DS can still be accessed through the network after the initialization.

Setting reference provides complete information on each setting of the DS including default factory values and conditions under which a particular setting will be initialized.  

Programmer's info:

This function relies on the Initialize (I) command .

* These are either default factory values or default values defined by the user (if custom profile is added to the firmware).

** Default factory value for the Inband (IB) setting is 0 (disabled) and Transport Protocol (TP) setting is 0 (UDP). Inband access must be enabled and the transport protocol must be TCP for the inband access to work.