Update history

This topic details update history for this document system.

14OCT2008 release

Documented EM203, RJ203, and DS203 devices.
Updated Device Server Application Firmware topic.
Removed comparison charts for modules and external devices servers, also Firmware Revision History topic. This information can be found on our website.

16SEP2008 release

Added Legal Information topic.
Documented EM203A and RJ203A devices.

11JUN2008 release

Converted this manual into the "Serial-over-IP Solutions Manual". All BASIC-programmable products are now in a separate manual called "Programmable Hardware manual".

12MAY2008 release

Small changes throughout the manual, mostly related to the WA1000 module.

18APR2008 release

Posted a notice about current non-availability of the EM202 and EM202-EV products.

10MAR2008 release

Documented new WA1000 Wi-Fi module.
Updated EM1000 documentation -- practically every topic has been edited. Notable changes: I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions -- new I/O lines documented; SPI Port Connector -- new topic; Power, Reset, PLL Control, and Mode Selection Lines -- added schematic diagram of a power supply; Mechanical Dimensions and Specifications and Ordering Info -- added info on new EM1000 versions.
Removed LinkServer documentation. The LinkServer is now called "AggreGate" and is documented in a separate manual.
Removed information about the real-time counter from EM1202 documentation -- it was there by mistake.

14SEP2007 release

Created the DS10xx section.
Corrected I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions (EM1000) topic: pins 40-47 are NOT combined into P5, these are independent lines.
Made slight corrections to the LEDs (EM1000) topic.
New Inter-board Bus Connector topic.
Updated (and renamed) 12VDC Power Adaptors topic. Also updated: Power Jack topic for EM202-EV, and Power Jack topic for DS202.

08AUG2007 release

Created the EM1202 section.
Created the RJ1202 section.
Corrected minor misprints in the pin assignment table of the I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions topic (EM1000).
Updated the list of the EM1000 features in the EM1000 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module topic.
Slightly corrected Specifications and EM1000 Modifications topic.
Throughout the manual, changed all occurrences of "88MIPS" to "88MHz", which is more precise. 88MHz roughly translates into 50MIPS.
Updated General-purpose I/O Lines (EM1000): info about 8-bit ports has been added.
Updated and renamed the Comparison Chart for Modules topic.
Renamed certain topics. For example, Modules instead of "Ethernet-to-serial Modules".
Updated "Specifications" topic for all Modules: packaging has changed, many modules are now shipped in tubes.

29MAY2007 release

Created new topic Retransmission Period (RP) setting and updated TCP Data Connections.
Updated topic IP Address (IP) setting (default IP address is now

02MAR2007 release

Updated EM1000 picture in the EM1000 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module topic.
New EM1000-00 and -01 topic explains the difference between these two EM1000 versions.
Updated EM1000 diagram in the I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions topic.
Updated Ethernet Port Lines (of the EM1000) topic: the information on how to change the host PCB to accommodate new EM1000-...-01 parts was corrected.
Updated EM1000-EV Evaluation Board topic.
New EM1000-EV-00 and -01, Converting EM1000-EV-00 into -01 topics.

15FEB2007 release

Updated "Specifications" topic for the following devices: EM100, EM120, EM200, EM202, DS100, and DS202.
Updated "Ethernet port lines" topic (add schematic diagrams for connecting magnetics and RJ45 socket) for the following devices: EM120, EM200.
Corrected an error on the diagram for the Ethernet port of the EM202 -- Built in RJ45 Ethernet Connector topic.
Updated the following topics related to the EM1000 module: EM1000 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module, I/O Pin Assignment and Pin Functions, Ethernet Port Lines, Real-time Counter, Mechanical Dimensions, Specifications and EM1000 Modifications.

07NOV2006 release

Documented new Cable Status (C) command.
Documented new Get My IP (T) command.
Updated Firmware Revision History.

08AUG2006 release

Small changes corrections related to the release of new 3.31 firmware.

07AUG2006 release

Small corrections related to the release of new 3.30 and 3.62 firmware.

24JULY2006 release

Corrected buffer size for non-programmable ("device server") firmware of EM120/EM200/EM202 modules (Comparison Chart for Ethernet-to-Serial Modules). Correct buffer size is 8KBytes in each direction.
"Setting up AuthKey Using DS Manager" -- corrected a small typo.

06JULY2006 release

A whole new section has been added- EM1000 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module.
These topics have been updated to reflect the fact that the product can work with "device server: firmware OR TiOS firmware (that executes BASIC application): EM120 Ethernet-to-Serial Module, EM200 Ethernet-to-Serial Module, EM202 Ethernet-to-Serial Module.
Corrected DTR Startup Mode (DS) setting description. It erroneously stated that this setting was not available on V3.5x branch of firmware, which is not true.
In the new firmware, line status changes are recognized much faster- it only takes 20ms instead of 0.5s. The following topics have been updated to reflect this change: Notification Bitmask (NB) setting, Notification (J) message, Handling of RTS, CTS, DTR, and DSR Signals.

26JUNE2006 release

Corrected documentation error in Telnet TCP Programming topic. When Transport Protocol is TCP and Port Number is 23 telnet programming is impossible, as any TCP connection to port 23 will be interpreted as data connection. Previously, we have erroneously stated that in this case all connections to port 23 will be interpreted as programming, not data connections.

20June2006 release

Updated Installation procedure for VSPDL

15JUNE2006 release

Added Use WinSock for transport
Added Managing Address Book Groups (Groups button)
Added Specify Destination By
Updated Unsupported Features and Limitations to remove note about not working through proxies
Updated Access Modes to show new design (tabs instead of listbox)
Updated DS Manager with new screenshot
Updated Preferences Dialog (General Tab)
Updated Transport Protocol & Listening Ports, Transport Protocol & Listening Ports, Transport Protocol & Listening Ports on all 3 Connection Wizard scenarios
Updated DST Revision History

18MAY2006 release

Added DTR Startup Mode (DS) setting
Updated Serial Settings with DTR Startup Mode (DS) setting

16MAY2006 release

Updated Jump To Netloader (N) command [Release3.0], Set Programming Request Flag (N) command [Release 3.5], Reset Upload Process (Q) command [Release 3.5], Upload Data Block (D) command [Release 3.5] to clarify that Telnet and TCP are not supported.
Updated Telnet TCP Programming [V3.50 and Above] to reflect LF received from DS in reply.

24MAR2006 release

Added AN012, Creating an Integrated Power Supply

16MAR2006 release

Minor corrections
Added warning note to AN001. Customization Options in Our Products

19FEB2006 release

Updated Firmware Revision History and  Device Server Application Firmware topics with the most recent firmware version number (V3.28/V3.56).

14FEB2006 release

Corrected command format for Select In Broadcast Mode (W) command.

22DEC2005 release

Updated Firmware Revision History and  Device Server Application Firmware topics with the most recent firmware version number (V3.26/V3.56).

05DEC2005 release

Added Cable Status (C) command

27SEP2005 release

Added AN011, Reading the Production Label.

12SEP2005 release

Added a new section to AN002. Practical Advice on Integrating EM Module into Your Device, Example: PIC with EM202

09AUG2005 release

Added AN010. Controlling the DS from the Serial Side.

02AUG2005 release

Added new section to AN008. Using HyperTerminal, Serial Parameters (Modem Commands).

01AUG2005 release

Added information regarding RTS behaviour to Soft Entry (SE) setting.

29JUL2005 release

Added AN009. WAN Basics.

21JUL2005 release

Updated Firmware Revision History and  Device Server Application Firmware topics with the most recent firmware version number (V3.25/V3.55).

19JUN2005 release

Added AN008. Using HyperTerminal.

10JUN2005 release

Added section to AN007, Preparing your Network (Router Configuration).

31MAY2005 release

Added AN007. Installing and Configuring LinkServer.

15MAY2005 release

Firmware release V3.14/3.51 is now used as a "baseline" release and any feature or change that was made in a later firmware version is marked with the sign that looks like this: [V3.24/3.54+] (this one means: this feature is available in firmware release V3.24/3.54 or higher). This brings to an end tracking of changes from much older firmware V2.5x which was done previously. All references to V2.5x has been removed.
In connection with the above individual command, setting, and parameter (instruction) description topics (under reference section) now state clearly if a particular setting has existed in a baseline V3.14/3.51 or was added later
Updated topics (this excludes some minor corrections): 
Status LED signals
Ethernet port and network communications
UDP data connections
Inband (TCP) programming
Commands, messages and replies
Echo (X) command
Status (U) command
Jump to Netloader (N) command [Release 3.0]
Network settings
Owner Name (ON) setting
Device Name (DN) setting
Gateway IP-address (GI) setting
Password (PW) setting
Inband Commands (IB) setting
Destination IP-address (DI) setting
Serial settings
Soft Entry (SE) setting
Serial Interface (SI) setting
Modem (serial-side) parameters and instructions
Destination IP-address (DI) parameter
Firmware revision history
VSP Manager
AN001. Customization options in our Products
New topics:
PPPoE [V3.54+]
Link Server support
DS powerup procedure
Data connection establishment procedure
Set Programming Request Flag (N) command [Release 3.5]
Reset Upload Process (Q) command [Release 3.5]
Upload Data Block (D) command [Release 3.5]
dDNS Service Registration (DD) setting
dDNS Service IP-address (LI) setting
dDNS Service Port (LP) setting
LS Auto-registration (AR) setting
PPPoE Mode (PP) setting [V3.54+]
PPPoE Login Name (PL) setting [V3.54+]
PPPoE Login Password (PD) setting [V3.54+]
Connection settings
Link Server Login (TL) setting
Source IP Filtering (SF) setting
Escape Character (EC) setting
Link Server Login (TL) parameter
Source IP Filtering (SF) parameter
Control lines tab
Default serial settings tab
DST revision history
Entire "LinkServer" branch has been added.

21JAN2005 release

Updated topics:
Corrected EM200 pin assignment drawing. Pin assignment itself was correct but the Module on the drawing was erroneously marked as "EM120"
EM202-EV->Power Jack and DS202->Power Jack topics referred to incorrect power adaptor numbers. We have corrected this
Updated Firmware Revision History

03JAN2005 release

Updated topics:
Corrected mistake for Power Adaptor models. Power adaptors with "small" connector are: ARP-P0005 ("US"), ARP-P0006 ("Europe"), and ARP-P0007 ("OK")
Corrected mistake in Password (PW) setting description: maximum password length is 6, not 8 characters
Corrected the diagram depicting the layout of LEDs on the front of EM202
Installation document for VSPDL incorrectly stated that kernels up to 2.5 were supported. Actually, we also support kernel 2.6.x

14DEC2004 release

New topics:
Added AN006
Added Unable to send a broadcast error message description for DS Manager
Added Unable to send a broadcast error message description for Connection Wizard
Updated topics:
DTR and DSR lines were erroneously not shown here: RS232 port pin assignment
By mistake, watchdog reset function of the ER line of EM100 was not described

30OCT2004 release

New topics:
Created new part- Application Notes and added AN001, AN002, AN003, AN004, and AN005
Updated topics:
Corrected pin number errors in the following topics: LED lines (of EM120), LED lines (of EM200)

21SEP2004 release

Minor error corrections

20SEP2004 release

New topics:
DK100 DIN Rail/Wall Mounting Kit
Comparison chart for Ethernet-to-serial Servers
DS202 Serial Device Server (and all child topics)
Additional features in firmware V3.5x (later deleted)
Telnet programming
Updated topics (this excludes some minor corrections):
Device Server Application Firmware (V3.14/V3.51)
Network programming
Programming priorities
Port Number (PN) setting
Access parameters for the address book mode
Troubleshooting (address book mode)
Editing the address book (Add, Remove, Edit buttons)

28JUL2004 release

Power Jack (in EM100-EV Evaluation Board)
Power Jack (in EM200-EV Evaluation Board)
Power Jack (in EM202-EV Evaluation Board)
Power Jack (in DS100 Serial Device Server)
Firmware version history
Updated topics (this excludes some minor corrections):
Owner Name (ON) setting
Device Name (DN) setting
Destination IP-address (DI) setting
Gateway IP-address (GI) setting
Netmask (NM) setting
Update history (this very topic)

01JUL2004 ("base") release

Updates are tracked from this point