Telnet Programming

This method of programming is enabled only for firmware version 3.51 and up, which runs on Tibbo second-generation devices, such as EM120, EM200, and DS203.

To enter telnet programming, establish a connection using HyperTerminal to the IP address of the device, but to port 23. Once the connection is established, you are in Telnet Programming mode. Perform the following steps:

Send the first command, to login. As with all commands, you will not see what you send, but only what you receive:
Hit Ctrl+B.
Type L (capital L -- type l while pressing SHIFT)
Hit Enter.
You should get an STX (Smiley) and A. This means you are now logged on. It looks like this: an008_SmileyAndA.
Go to the Programming Exercise and start programming the device.


To know all there is to know about Telnet programming, please read Telnet TCP Programming [V3.50 and Above] in the full manual.