Firmware Upgrade Mode


Message text:Device Server is running in the firmware upgrade mode and is ready to accept new firmware file
Corresponding status icon:idsman_firmware
May appear in:Auto-discovery and address book access modes


This status means that the DS is running the NetLoader . NetLoader is a separate firmware component that facilitates application firmware upgrades over the network. Normally, this icon is displayed during the network firmware upgrade . After the network upgrade is finished the DS Manager reboots the DS and after that the DS is supposed to start running the newly loaded firmware.

If the DS enters the firmware upgrade mode unexpectedly and if this mode "persists" then this means that DS firmware is corrupted, or that incorrect firmware file was uploaded, or that the upload was incomplete.

Programmer's info:

The DS Manager collects DS status information (and detects DS presence) using the Echo (X) command . This command is supported both by the application firmware and by the NetLoader . Whether the DS is running its application firmware or is in the firmware upgrade mode is determined from the m flag in the command response (it is 'N' for the application firmware and 'L' for the NetLoader).