Setting description format

All settings in this section are described using the following format:

Function:Setting function in brief
Set (S) command format:Syntax of the corresponding Set (S) command that is used to set new setting value
Get (G) command format:Syntax of the corresponding Get (S) command that is used to read out current value of the setting
Init (I) command effect:Explains under what additional conditions the setting is initialized when the Initialize (I) command is issued or quick initialization is launched. Some settings are always initialized, some are initialized only when invalid, etc.
Post-initialization value:Shows factory initialization value that will be assigned to the setting after the initialization (factory initialization values may be overridden by the custom profile)
Change takes effect:Explains when the new setting value takes effect. Changes to some settings have immediate effect, for some settings rebooting is required, etc.
Overriding parameter:Certain settings have corresponding overriding parameters that can be supplied through the Parameter (P) command
Relevance conditions:Some settings are relevant to the operation of the DS only when other settings have certain values
First introduced:Describes whether this setting has been available right from the "baseline" firmware version of 3.14/3.51 or was introduced in a later firmware release
See also:Additional relevant links


Additional information about the setting.