Sending Commands Using HyperTerminal or Telnet

There are many methods of sending commands and getting information from the Device Server. In the following sections we will try those which can be performed with HyperTerminal (i.e, all except for UDP programming and in-band TCP programming). They are all documented here . The following text simply shows you how to really use them in a testing environment using HyperTerminal , so you could play around with them.

We assume that by now, you've established a network or serial connection with your Device Server using HyperTerminal . This is our starting point for each of the examples.

Each of the following sections discusses entering programming mode in a different manner. At the end of each section, once you've put the DS in programming mode, you will be directed to the programming exercise itself.

In the exercise, you will login, find out the IP of the Device Server, change its flow control mode, and log out. The purpose of this Application Note is just to show how to send the commands -- once you understand this, you could send any of the available commands which are all documented here .


Using telnet: For the Telnet Programming and Command-Phase TCP methods, any telnet client can be used. This does not necessarily have to be HyperTerminal.