DS Lost (After Changing IP)


Message text:IP-address was changed successfully but the DS Manager cannot locate this Device Server on the network
May appear in:Auto-discovery access mode; Change IP function


After having changed the IP-address the DS Manager makes sure that the DS is online and using the IP-address that was just assigned. This message appears when the DS has confirmed that command was accepted but later could not be found among local Device Servers. This situation is not normal and may indicate that the new IP-address is (for some reason) blocked by your PC or network equipment.

Note, that this is more serious than the case when the IP-address turns out to be unreachable (this situation is reported by the unreachable IP-address status message). If this was the case the DS Manager would still be able to detect the DS on the network. Watch out for some special firewall settings of your PC or similar reasons why communications with a certain IP-address might be blocked (also see troubleshooting (auto-discovery mode) ). 

Programmer's info:

IP-address is changed using Assign IP-address (A) command . This message means that OK (A) status code was actually received for this command but the DS could not be found during subsequent refresh operation.