Baudrate (BR) setting


(see setting description format info here)

Function:Defines the baudrate of the serial port of the DS
Set (S) command format:SBRx, where x: 0 (1200bps), 1 (2400bps), 2 (4800bps), 3 (9600bps), 4 (19200bps), 5 (38400bps), 6 (57600bps), 7 (115200bps), 8 (150bps), 9 (300bps), 10 (600bps), 11 (28800bps)
Get (G) command format:GBR
Init (I) command effect:Initialized unconditionally, through network command, serial command, or quick initialization
Post-initialization value:5 (38400bps)
Change takes effect:After reboot or exiting the serial programming mode
Overriding parameter:Baudrate (BR) parameter
Relevance conditions:---
First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51
See also:Serial port and serial communications


Baudrate setting defines the baudrate of the serial port of the DS.

This baudrate is used by the serial port in the data routing mode (unless overridden by the Baudrate (BR) parameter ) and also in the serial programming mode , but only if the serial programming mode was entered through the escape sequence . If the serial programming mode is entered by pressing the setup button the baudrate becomes 38400bps regardless of the value of the Baudrate setting .