Parity (PR) setting


(see setting description format info here)

Function:Defines the parity mode of the serial port of the DS (when in the data routing mode)
Set (S) command format:SPRx, where x: 0 (off), 1 (even), 2 (odd), 3 (mark), 4 (space)
Get (G) command format:GPR
Init (I) command effect:Initialized unconditionally, through network command, serial command, or quick initialization
Post-initialization value:0 (off)
Change takes effect:After reboot or exiting the serial programming mode
Overriding parameter:Parity (PR) parameter
Relevance conditions:---
First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51
See also:Serial port and serial communications


Parity setting defines the parity mode of the serial port of the DS, unless overridden by the Parity (PR) parameter .

DS hardware does not have an option of two stop bits. The way around this is to set the Parity to 3 (mark). Since this means that the parity bit will always be set to 1 and since the parity bit is always transmitted in front of the stop bit, this will have the same result as having two stop bits.

The DS transmits the serial data with the parity bit correctly set but does not verify correctness of parity bits in the received data.

Parity is always off when the serial port is in the serial programming mode .