Connection Mode (<connection conmode>)

Syntax:<connection ... [conmode="ondata|immediately"]/>
Default value (if omitted):"ondata"
Relevance conditions:rmode= "client" or "server/client"
See also:Connection Mode (CM) setting (DS), connection mode (VSP for Windows)

Conmode (connection mode) parameter defines when the VSP attempts to establish an outgoing connection to the destination, specified in the destination section of the configuration file.

Connection mode drop-down box provides two choices:

"ondata" (default)The VSP attempts to establish an outgoing connection when the first "serial" data (since the VSP was opened or previous connection was closed/aborted) is sent by the PC application into the VSP.
"immediately"The VSP attempts to establish an outgoing connection right after it is opened by the application. The VSP also tries to make this connection "persistent". If the connection is aborted by the DS, the VSP will (attempt to) re-establish it immediately. Connection timeout still works in this mode: when the current connection times out the VSP aborts it and immediately establishes a new connection. Such behavior "auto-repairs" hanged connections.

Connection mode option is irrelevant when the routing mode is "server", since in this mode outgoing connections are not allowed in principle.

Connection mode option works like the Connection Mode (CM) setting of the DS (modes 0 and 1 only) and connection mode option of the VSP for Windows .