Serial Upgrade Mode

In the serial upgrade mode the application firmware file can be uploaded into the Device Server through the serial port. The upload mechanism uses a simple and popular XMODEM protocol. Communications parameters are 38400-8-N-1.

The XMODEM upload is initiated by the Device Server side. When the DS boots up with the Setup button pressed (on EM100, EM120, EM200, EM203(A)- with the MD line pulled low) the Monitor enters the serial upgrade mode and sends the first character in the XMODEM exchange (SOH character, ASCII code 01). When the "sending side" receives this character it starts uploading the file into the DS.

Serial firmware upgrades can be performed from any communications software that supports XMODEM protocol, such as a HyperTerminal (supplied with Windows OS). Tibbo's own DS Manager (part of the Device Server Toolkit ) also supports serial upgrades- see upgrading DS firmware .

A number of errors can be displayed by the Monitor while in the serial upgrade mode. These errors are displayed in the form of "patterns" that are "played" on the Red and Green Status LEDs of the DS. See status LED signals for details.