DS Lost (After Exiting NetLoader)


Message text:Upgrade completed successfully but the DS Manager was unable to locate this Device Server on the network after rebooting it
May appear in:Auto-discovery and  address bookaccess modes; Upgrade function


The cause of this message is similar to that of the DS lost (after entering NetLoader) message (but "in reverse"). After the NetLoader has finished working and the DS was rebooted its IP-address and/or MAC-address have probably changed. To the DS Manager this will look like "disappearance" of the DS from the network.

To "find" the DS connect it to the same network segment as the PC and run the DS Manager in the auto-discovery access mode . To find out which device in the list is the one you are looking for either disconnect all other Device Servers from the network (this will leave only one DS in the list) or use the Buzz function to locate the DS.

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