Data Login (<connection dlogin>)

Syntax:<connection ... [dlogin="pwd"]/>
If omitted:Data login procedure will not be performed
Relevance conditions:proto= "tcp"
See also:Command-phase (TCP) programming, Data Login (DL) setting, Password (PW) setting        

Dlogin (data login) parameter specifies whether a "data login" procedure will be performed when a TCP connection is established between the VSP and the DS. When the data login is required the VSP cannot start exchanging the data with the DS immediately, but needs to login with a valid password first. This provides a password protection for the data connection with the DS. on the DS side, data logins are enabled through the  Data Login (DL) setting (additional info on data logins can be found in command-phase (TCP) programming ).

Password specified by the clogin parameter must match the one defined through the Password (PW) setting of the DS.

Note, that omitting dlogin parameter is not the same as and specifying dlogin=""! In the first case the VSP will expect to be able to start the data exchange with the DS as soon as the connection is established. In the second case the VSP will still perform a data login procedure with NULL password.

Dlogin parameter is irrelevant when the transport protocol is "udp" because data logins are only supported for TCP connections.