Routing Mode

Routing mode defines whether the VSP will accept incoming connections (passive opens) and/or establish outgoing connections (perform active opens).

Routing Mode drop-down box provides three choices:

ServerOnly incoming connections are accepted, the VSP never attempts to establish an outgoing connection to the DS. There is no restriction on which DS can connect to the VSP- connection from any IP-address will be accepted as long as the DS is connecting to the correct listening port using correct transport protocol.
Server/clientBoth incoming and outgoing connections are allowed. Outgoing connections are established with the destination, specified in the destination section of the dialog. Exactly when the VSP attempts to establish an outgoing connection is defined by the selected connection mode. Incoming connections are accepted from any IP-address, just like with the server routing mode.
ClientOnly outgoing connections are allowed, the VSP rejects all incoming connections.

Routing mode option works like the Routing Mode (RM) setting on the DS.