Broadcast Access Not Supported


Message text:The IP-address of this DS is unreachable and the DS can only be accessed in the broadcast mode. The firmware on this Device Server is outdated and does not support broadcast access. Assign a compatible IP-address or  upgradeto firmware V3.xx or higher (recommended)
May appear in:Auto-discovery access mode; Settings, InitializeBuzzfunctions


This message means that the DS Manager cannot communicate with the DS using a normal IP-addressing. Possible reasons for why this could happen are outlined in troubleshooting (auto-discovery mode) .

The DS Manager can access local Device Servers even when normal IP communications is impossible. This is done through a so called broadcast access . This functionality, however, is only supported by DS firmware V3.xx or higher.

The way out of this situation is to make normal IP communications possible or/and to upgrade the DS firmware to V3.xx or higher. Depending on how old the DS firmware is you may not be able to upgrade the firmware over the network and will need to do this through the serial port of the DS (in the COM access mode ).

Programmer's info:

Broadcast access is based on the Select In Broadcast Mode (W) command that was only introduced in firmware V3.xx.