Programming Inaccessible DS

If this screen is shown then you have specified on the target DS step step that the Device Server is not accessible from this PC . Now you have to decide how you will setup this DS.


There are two choices:

Generate configuration script file and configure the Device Server later. The script file can later be fed into the Connection Wizard, possibly running on a different PC  (see finishing remote job). Choose this option if you cannot physically bring the DS to this PC for programming. Input the path and filename for the script file and press Next
Configure the Device Server now via the serial port. Choose this option if you can temporary bring the DS to this PC for programming. Connect the serial port of the DS to the unused COM port of your PC (using WAS-1455 or similar cable), make sure the DS is powered up and press the setup button* (this will put the DS into the serial programming mode). Click Next to continue (the Wizard will read out current setting values of the DS).


LED_ser_prog        Status LEDs of the DS are playing a serial programming mode pattern (shown on the left) when the serial port of the DS is in the serial programming mode (click here to see all available patterns).

* On EM100, EM120, EM200, EM203(A)- pull the MD line low for at least 100ms.