Upgrading DS Firmware (Upgrade Button)

Internal firmware of the DS can be upgraded in the field. This function is available in all access modes with the following limitations:

Some earlier Tibbo devices (EM100-00/ -01/ -02, DS100-00/ -01/ -02) did not support network upgrades so their firmware can only be upgraded through the serial port (COM access mode).
All other devices do support network upgrades but such an upgrade is only possible if a functioning (albeit older) firmware file is already found on the device. This implies that loading a wrong file into the device renders all future network upgrades impossible until a correct upgrade is performed through the serial port.
Additionally, for the network upgrade to work the DS Manager must be able to access the DS using an out-of-band UDP access method. Therefore, Device Servers defined by the "inband" address book entries (in the address book mode) cannot be upgraded through the network (access methods are described in access parameters for the address book mode).


** **To upgrade the DS firmware:

Select (single-click) the DS you want to upgrade in the device list (or COM port to which the DS is connected in the COM access mode) and click Upgrade button. Upgrading the Device Server dialog will appear.
Browse to a file you want to upload into the DS and click OK. Be sure to select correct firmware file- this depends on the DS model and also the way upgrade is done (through the network or through the serial port).
What happens next depends on the access mode:
For network upgrades (auto-discovery and address book modes) the upgrade will start automatically. After the upgrade is finished the DS Manager will reboot the DS. The DS Manager will also make sure that the DS starts running with the newly loaded firmware and let you know if the DS enters the error mode, which means that its settings must be initialized;
For serial upgrades (COM access mode) the procedure is more "manual". You will be asked to switch the DS off, press the setup button*, and switch it back on while keeping the button pressed. Upgrade will start after that. At the end of the upgrade you will be asked to reboot the DS manually (switch it off and on). You will have to also manually check if the DS requires initialization.

Programmer's info:

The DS Manager verifies the NetLoader presence and passes control to it using the Jump To Netloader (N) command .

* On EM100, EM120, EM200, EM203(A)- pull the MD line LOW for at least 100ms.