DST Revision History

This topic briefly describes DST software genesis from V3.56 (considered to be the "baseline" version for this revision history). This log is provided for your reference only; Tibbo is not obliged to elaborate on or explain detailed meaning of any item listed below.

Release V3.9.82 [the latest published and documented version]

New design for DS Manager (tabs)
VSPD architecture significantly changed for better emulation
Added support for working with Winsock Proxy server
Optimizations in flow of Connection Wizard.
VSPD now registers with the serial PNP device enumerator of Windows. Now serial PNP devices connected to the DS are recognized correctly.
It was possible to run the DS Manager, VSP Manager, and/or Connection Wizard at the same time (wrong!) on slower PCs. Now corrected. Only one of those components can run at any given time.
In the Connection Wizard, it was possible to create several identical VSPs by rapidly clicking on FINISH button.
DS firmware upgrade from the DS Manager could crash when performed in the background.

Release V3.6.6

New feature in VSP Manager. The Manager is now based on a COM object. You can interact with this object from within your application software. This provides a way for a full control programmatic control over creation, setup, and deletion of Virtual Serial Ports.
New feature: additional options for serial (port control) lines CTS, DSR, and DCD (see serial lines tab).
New feature: default serial property page (see default serial settings tab).
Bug correction in VSPD. In previous VSPD versions some special characters (such as XOFF, ESC) when sent by a DOS-based program (running under Windows NT/2000/XP) were incorrectly handled by the VSP. The problem has now been corrected.
Bug correction: VSP properties could not be opened from within Windows Device Manager. This problem has now been corrected. Under Windows98 you will see default serial property page only. Under Windows NT/2000/XP you will see all VSP properties- just like with VSP Manager.
Several other minor bugs and problems have been corrected.

Release V3.56 [baseline for this revision history]