Troubleshooting (Serial Access Mode)

This topic provides a list of hints that can help you figure out why you cannot access the DS through the serial port. See troubleshooting (auto-discovery mode) and troubleshooting (address book mode) for hints on other two access modes.

Here are the reasons why the DS Manager may not able to access the DS in the COM access mode:

The DS may be switched off*.
Incorrect cable is used to connect the serial port of the DS to the COM port of the PC. Use WAS-1455 supplied by Tibbo!
Wrong COM port is selected in the device list.
The serial port of the DS is not in the serial programming mode. To put the DS into this mode press the setup button**.


LED_ser_progStatus LEDs of the DS are playing a serial programming mode pattern (shown on the left) when the serial port of the DS is in the serial programming mode (click  hereto see all available patterns).

* Really sorry for this "hint"... it's just that this is the root cause of the problem in many cases!

** On EM100, EM120, EM200, EM203(A)- pull the MD line low for at least 100ms.