Maximum Intercharacter Delay (<maxdelay> parameter)

Syntax:<packets ... maxdelay="delay"/>, where delay is in milliseconds 
Default value (if omitted):0 milliseconds (i.e. "immediately")
Relevance conditions:---
See also:Maximum Intercharacter Delay (MD) setting        

When the data block is already opened the VSP sends out all the data in its  TX buffer when no new data is received from the application for a period of time defined by the maxdelay parameter (in milliseconds). This does not close the data block and all subsequently received data is still considered to be a part of the same data block. If omitted, this parameter defaults to 0 milliseconds, which means that the data is sent out as soon as it is received from the application.

By using this option you can combine the data that is sent by the application in "rapid succession" into a larger packets (but still not exceeding the maximum packet length ).

Maxdelay option works like the Maximum Intercharacter Delay (MD) setting of the DS.