Interfacing the RJ203A to the DM9000A

The RJ203A module interfaces directly to the DAVICOM's DM9000A Ethernet controller. The following table details the interconnection between the DM9000A and the interface pads of the  RJ203A:



RXI- (#30)

RX- (first row, #2)

RXI+ (#29)

RX+ (first row, #1)

TX0- (#33)

TX- (first row, #5)

TX0+ (#34)

TX+ (first row, #4)

AVDD (#28)

AVCC (first row, #3)

Don't forget to connect grounds too!

To take full advantage of the unique space-saving design of the RJ203A, place the DM9000A (and/or other components as you see fit) under the module. The housing of the module has a substantial recess area under the RJ45 jack. This area can be utilized to accommodate various board components. Moreover, the housing of the RJ203A is made of a translucent material, so you can also place necessary status LEDs within the recess area and in the proximity to the front wall of the RJ203A. This way, your status LEDs will be visible through the translucent front face of the RJ203A. Four to six LEDs can easily fit along that front wall.