This section contains a reference for all DS settings.

Settings are permanent functioning parameters that are stored in the non-volatile memory (EEPROM) of the DS. Once programmed, they remain intact even when the DS is powered off.

Setting description format can be found here .

All settings are divided into four groups:

Network settings include basic set of parameters that define "networking environment" of the DS. For more information see Ethernet port and network communications.
Connection Settings define how and in which fashion the DS establishes connections to and accepts connections from other hosts. For more information see Ethernet port and network communications
Serial settings define the operation of the DS serial port. For more information see serial port and serial communications.
Encapsulation settings define what incoming serial data is recorded into the serial-to-Ethernet routing buffer and when and how this data is combined into the network packets and sent to the network host. For more information see serial-to-Ethernet data routing