Finishing a Remote Job

This job is selected by choosing "Finish remote job" from the list of available jobs . This feature allows you to finish the programming of the DS that was marked as inaccessible from the "programming" PC when running one of the three connection jobs.

Inaccessibility of the DS from the "programming" PC is not an uncommon situation in wide-area networks (WANs). Such WANs are often not symmetrical i.e. only one side of the data link can "see" the other side. For example, in the VSP-to-DS link the DS may be able to "see" (and connect to) the PC (VSP ) but the PC (VSP ) won't be able to "see" the DS. The Wizard easily deals with this kind of networks by correctly identifying which side of the link will be responsible for establishing data connections with the other side.

The problem, however, is that if the DS is not visible from the PC, then the Wizard cannot configure it through the network as well! The way out is either to program the DS via its serial port immediately or generate configuration script file that can be used later (you have been offered this choice on the programming inaccessible DS step * of the Wizard ). "Later" programming of the DS is done by choosing Finish remote job on the Wizard job step of the Wizard .