Routing Buffer Overflow


Message text:Ethernet-to-serial buffer overflow;
    Serial-to-Ethernet buffer overflow;

    Serial-to-Ethernet and Ethernet-to-serial buffer overflow
Corresponding status icon:idsman_established_overrun (overflow condition is displayed only in conjunction with "connection established" icon)
May appear in:Auto-discovery and address book access modes


These messages are displayed when one or both routing buffer overflow is detected. Routing buffers are used for temporary data storage when routing data between the Ethernet and serial ports of the DS.

In general, do the following to avoid overflows:

For Ethernet-to-serial buffer: using TCP/IP transport protocol (see Transport Protocol (TP) setting) guarantees that this buffer never overflows.
For serial-to-Ethernet buffer: using RTS/CTS flow control (see Flow Control (FC) setting) guarantees that this buffer never overflows*.   

Programmer's info:

The DS Manager collects DS status information (and detects DS presence) using the Echo (X) command . Buffer condition is determined from the state of the E and S flags in the command response.

* Naturally, attached serial device must also support RTS/CTS flow control for this to work.