Configuring a Device Server

In this step you will configure a Device Server to connect to the LinkServer. Perform the following:

Connect a Device Server to the network and power it.
Run DS Manager (Start > Programs > Tibbo > DS Manager).
You should see the Device Server in the list. If you can't see it, use the Address Book Access Mode.
Select the Device Server and click Settings. This is the first tab you will see:


Set Owner name to the same name as your account in the previous step (Adding a DS as User). In our example, this is johndoe.
Set Device name to the same name as your Device Server in the previous step. In our example, this is dev1.
Don't forget to make sure your Device Server has a valid IP -- by enabling DHCP, or setting a valid IP address manually.
Set Gateway IP-address to the correct gateway for your subnet, so the Device Server could get reach the LinkServer (assuming the LinkServer is not on the local subnet).
Click the Password button and set a password for the DS. This has to be the same password you configured for it in the previous step. In our example, this is Vlf6Lr!.
Now, click the Connection tab:


Set Transport Protocol to TCP.
Set Link Service login to Enabled.
Set Routing Mode to Client only.
Set Connection mode to Immediately (on powerup).
Set Destination IP-address to the IP address of the server (which you've noted down in step 1, Downloading and Installing Software and Firmware).
Set Destination Port to 6450.
Now, click the Serial Port tab:


Set the serial settings according to your device (RTS/CTS flow control, DTR mode, Baud rate, Parity, Data bits)
Set On-the-Fly commands to Disabled.
Click OK to apply the settings and close the dialog.
DS Manager will reset the Device Server.
Assuming you did everything correctly up to here (including all previous steps), the DS should now blink the green LED a few times and then light it steadily. This means that a connection has been established. If you get another LED pattern, find out what it is under Status LED Signals and try to troubleshoot it from there.
If you now log-on to your account in the LinkServer, you will see the Device Server as Online under Device Servers.