Bind Port (<port> Parameter)

Syntax:<bind ... port="[port]"/>
Default value (if omitted):Parameter is mandatory
Relevance conditions:rmode="server" or "server/client"
See also:Port Number (PN) setting (DS), listening port (VSP for Windows)        

Port parameter specifies the port number on the PC that will be associated with this VSP. This port serves as a "listening port" for incoming data connections, when such connections are allowed by the routing mode of the VSP. Additionally, in case of UDP transport protocol and server/client routing mode , the port is also used to send outgoing UDP datagrams. For more details see additional info on UDP and TCP connections .

This parameter must be specified and cannot be omitted.

Port parameter works like the Port Number (PN) setting of the DS and  listening port option of the VSP for Windows .