Connection Wizard



Connection Wizard is a part of the Device Server Toolkit.


Connection Wizard assists you in setting up typical data links involving Tibbo Device Servers and Virtual Serial Ports (VSPs).

Shown below is the welcome screen of the Connection Wizard .


Connection Wizard offers a selection of jobs that help you setup several kinds of typical data links involving Tibbo Device Servers and Virtual Serial Ports (VSPs ). For example, a VSP-to-DS job helps you create a VSP on the PC, and then configure this VSP and the Device Server (DS) of your choice to work with each other.

Creating a VSP-to-DS link through the Wizard produces the same effect as when you manually set up the VSP using the VSP Manager and then configure the DS with the DS Manager . The difference is that after you have answered several simple questions the Wizard does all necessary adjustments automatically. As a result you save tremendously in terms of time and debugging effort spent on setting up this data link. After you have familiarized yourself with the Wizard you can expect to complete typical data links in under 1 minute! Even when the link you need to create is not exactly the one this Wizard can help you with, you still can run the closest Wizard job, then make remaining setup changes manually.

This Manual follows the actual "flow" of Wizard steps . Pressing Next in the welcome screen of the Wizard moves you to the next step, on which you choose the kind of data link you want to create. Likewise, the next topic of this Manual (choosing the Wizard job ) details this next step.