IP-address (IP) setting


(see setting description format info here)

Function:Defines the IP-address of the DS
Set (S) command format:SIPxxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP-address in dot-decimal notation (i.e.
Get (G) command format:GIP
Init (I) command effect:Initialized unconditionally through serial command or quick initialization, initialized only if invalid through network command
Post-initialization value: (changed from in V3.34/3.66)
Change takes effect:After reboot
Overriding condition:---
Relevance conditions:DHCP (DH) setting=0 (disabled)
First introduced:Earlier than "baseline" V3.14/V3.51
See also:Ethernet port and network communications


IP-address must be compatible with the network on which the DS is installed. Many networks have DHCP server, in this case it is better to make the DS obtain the IP-address automatically on startup (this is enabled by programming the DHCP (DH) setting to 1 (enabled)).

When DHCP is activated the IP-address obtained from the DHCP server is saved into the IP-address setting thus overwriting older value that might have been set before.

Some IP-addresses are not valid in principle. Many devices and operating systems (including Windows) automatically discard network packets that refer to such incorrect IPs. The DS will allow such an IP-address to be saved into the EEPROM but will assume a modified address on startup:

Invalid IP-address **         **IP-address that the DS will actually use

x.x.x.0 x.x.x.1

x.x.x.255 x.x.x.1

>223.x.x.x 223.x.x.x

Example: if the IP-address is then the DS will actually use The EEPROM data will not be modified and GIP command will still return original data ( but the actual IP-address used by the DS will be corrected according to the above rules.

The post-initialization value of this setting is It used to be, and before that it used to be All these changes were caused by increasing number of restrictions in Windows TCP stack and/or firewall. When Windows Vista was released it turned out that the DS Manager could not "see" Device Servers with the default IP address of We have changed the IP to and now everything works fine under Vista . Previous change from to was caused by the fact that Windows XP did not "approve" of (earlier Windows versions did not have a problem with this IP).