DS Lost (After Entering NetLoader)


Message text:DS Manager cannot locate the Device Server after making it enter the firmware upgrade mode. This may be because the IP-address (or MAC-address) of this Device Server has changed
May appear in:Auto-discovery and  address bookaccess modes; Upgrade function


Firmware upgrades over the network are facilitated by a separate firmware component called the NetLoader . To upgrade the application firmware over the network the DS Manager makes the DS switch to the NetLoader first.

When control is passed to the NetLoader, it attempts to read the values of IP-address (IP) and MAC-address (FE) settings and use these values. This way the switchover to the NetLoader is "seamless" and the DS is still accessible at the same IP and MAC as when it was running the application firmware.

In selected cases, the readout of those two settings can fail (for instance, when one or both of these settings is/are invalid). In this case the DS will replace the invalid value(s) with a default one: for the IP-address, for the MAC-address.

If you are accessing the DS using the address book mode and the DS assumes these default values you may not be able to access it (at least temporarily). We recommend you to connect the DS to the same network segment with your PC and use the auto-discovery access mode .

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