Downloading and Installing Software and Firmware

Naturally, before you can start working with the system, you need to obtain it and install its components:

Downloading the Needed Software and Firmware

Go to
Navigate to the heading Download LinkServer software
You will see two versions for your platform (Linux or Windows): One with "bundled JVM" and one without. JVM stands for Java Virtual Machine. If you're not sure whether you have JVM installed already, download the "bundled JVM" version.
Next, you have to download the new firmware for all of your Device Servers. It is listed lower down the page. Make sure you download the appropriate firmware for your Device Server, according to the description.
Now download the firmware for the AuthKey. It comes as an EXE file, titled something like AK_xxxD.exe (where xxx is the current version).
Now download the latest Device Server Toolkit. You must use this version to test the LinkServer.

Installing the Software and Firmware

Install the most recent Device Server Toolkit by clicking on the file you've downloaded and working through the wizard.
Install the LinkServer in the same way (by clicking on the file and working through the wizard).
Configure any firewalls you may have so they would allow access to TCP port 6450 and to TCP ports 50000 to 60000 (access should be allowed from the subnet in which the Device Servers are connected, and from the subnet in which the client hosts are connected).
Note down the IP address of the server, and keep it from changing (buy a "real" static IP for the server, if needed). You will use this information for Configuring a Device Server.
Next, upgrade the Device Servers you would like to work with using the firmware you've downloaded, according to these instructions.

That's it! Now proceed to the next step (Creating Trial AuthKey ).