Invalid IP-address


Message text:This IP-address is invalid. Setting it will result in the inability to access the Device Server through the network
May appear in:Auto-discovery access mode; Change IP function


Certain IP-addresses are invalid in principle and should never be used. Many devices and operating systems (including Windows ) automatically discard network packets that refer to such invalid IPs. Assigning an invalid IP to the DS can make it inaccessible over the network.

Here is the list of IP-addresses that should not be used:

x.x.x.0 (i.e. 0 in the last number, as in
x.x.x.255 (i.e. 255 in the last number, as in
>223.x.x.x (i.e. a number that is more than 223 in the first number, as in

Latest firmware versions of the DS prevent such invalid IPs from being used- the DS will automatically assume a modified and correct IP-address if invalid one is set (see IP-address (IP) setting for more information). Older firmware versions did not have this protection so the DS Manager itself also prevents invalid IP-addresses from being set.

Programmer's info:

IP-address is changed using the Assign IP-address (A) command .