Specifications and EM200 Modifications

The EM200 has two sub-models in circulation- the EM200-00 and EM200-01. The EM200-01 is a RoHS-compliant version of the EM200-00. There are no other differences between these two versions. Currently, only the EM200-01 is being manufactured.

Device specifications are presented in the table below.



Ethernet interface

10/100BaseT Ethernet, magnetics not built-in

Serial interface and I/O lines

CMOS-level; TX, RX, and 9 additional I/O lines with RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR implemented in application firmware

Routing buffers size

12Kbytes x 2*

Maximum load current of I/O lines


Power requirements

DC 5V, +/- 5%, app. 220mA

Device temperature during operation

+55 degrees C** (in 100BaseT mode)

Operating temperature

-10 to +70 degrees C

Operating relative humidity


Mechanical dimensions (excl. leads)

App. 32.1x18.5x7.3mm


Tube, 10 modules/tube

* Maximum possible buffer size. Actual size may be smaller depending on how much RAM is "consumed" by the firmware

** As measured on top of the device

Note: all specifications are for reference only. TIBBO assumes no responsibility for any errors which may appear in this Manual, and does not make any commitment to update the information contained herein.