VSP-to-DS Link

This job is selected by choosing create a link between a Virtual Serial Port and a Device Server from the list of available jobs .

When performing this job the Connection Wizard creates a VSP (on the PC the Wizard is running on) and then configures this VSP and the DS of your choice to work with each other. Use this job if you want to make your "serial" PC software* communicate with the serial device through the VSP and the DS. This way your PC software and the serial device can communicate with each other as if they were still interconnected by a normal serial cable. This is a fast and economical way of network-enabling a legacy serial system that you are unwilling or not able to modify- both the PC software and the serial device will require no modification whatsoever to work through the network.

* I.e. the software that can only communicate through COM ports. If your software supports communications through TCP/IP networks use direct-to-DS connection.