Initialization Not Allowed


Message text:Inband (TCP) access method is selected for this Device Server. Initialization is not allowed since this would disable inband access and subsequent communications with the DS Manager
May appear in:Address book access modeInitializefunction


This message is only shown when inband (TCP) access method is selected for a particular address book entry. Inband TCP access to the DS is only possible when the Inband (IB) setting is 1 (enabled) and the Transport Protocol (TP) setting is 1 (TCP). Default value of these settings is 0*. Therefore, initialization would result in the inability to access this DS using inband communications!

To initialize this DS find some other way to communicate with it:

Temporarily connect the DS to the same network segment with your PC and initialize the DS in the auto-discovery access mode (this mode always uses out-of-band (UDP) access method).
Temporarily connect the serial port of the DS to the COM port of your PC and initialize it in the COM access mode.

Programmer's info:

* Unless another default value has been defined through a custom profile (the DS Manager won't detect this and will still disallow the device to be initialized while accessing using inband commands).