IP-address Not Obtained


Message text:Device Server has not yet obtained its IP-address from the DHCP server
Corresponding status icon:idsman_yellow
May appear in:Auto-discovery and address book access modes


This status means that the DS is running with DHCP enabled (DHCP (DH) setting is 1 (enabled)) and the DS hasn't yet received its IP-address from the DHCP server. The DS attempts to configure its IP-address after the powerup and won't perform its routing function until IP configuration is completed. Typically, IP configuration takes only 1-2 seconds to complete. If the DS is "stuck" in this state for much longer then this means that DHCP service may not be available on your network. 

Programmer's info:

The DS Manager collects DS status information (and detects DS presence) using the Echo (X) command . IP configuration status is determined from the state of the i flag in the command response.