Maximum Packet Length (<maxlen> parameter)

Syntax:<packets ... maxlen="len"/>, where len has the range of 32...255 bytes 
Default value (if omitted):255 bytes
Relevance conditions:---
See also:Maximum Packet Length (ML) setting

Maxlen (maximum packet length) parameter breaks the large chunks of data sent by the application into smaller portions. Once the number of bytes in the TX buffer reaches the limit defined by the maxlen parameter the VSP sends all the data in the buffer to the DS. This does not close the data block and all subsequently received data is still considered to be a part of the same data block. If omitted this parameter defaults to 255 bytes.

For the UDP transport protocol this parameter directly defines the (maximum) packet size of each UDP packet sent by the VSP. In TCP there is no guarantee that individual packets won't occasionally carry larger chunks of data.

Maxlen option works like the Maximum Packet Length (ML) setting of the DS.